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Kentucky Breastfeeding

BabyNet's mission is to protect and support families through education about preconception, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum,
breastfeeding, and parenting to ensure the best chance for a full-term pregnancy and a healthy baby.  BabyNet meets quarterly in the
Bowling Green area for progessional development and support as a network of professionals engaged in supporting families during
the childbearing years.  For information contact:  Amy Meador (270) 781-8039 ext. 142 or or check out their
web page at
Eastern Kentucky Breastfeeding Coalition

The Eastern Kentucky Breastfeeding Coalition serves counties east of I-75.  Meetings are held quarterly typically either in Morehead
or Prestonsburg.  This group developed out of the Eastern Kentucky Breastfeeding Steering Team which played an important role in
developing the "Shape the Future: Breastfeed"  butterfly logo that can be seen throughout the state.  The Eastern Kentucky
Breastfeeding Coalition hosted it's first continuing education conference in 2009 and plans to maintain this as an annual event.  For
more information contact:  Janet (Jan) Johnson at (606)437-5500 ext. 590 or
Kentuckiana Lactation Improvement Coalition (KLIC)

KLIC was one of the first groups in the state to focus on the need to increase support of breastfeeding mothers and babies in
Kentucky.  KLIC is a 501c3 organization and a Chapter of the United States Lactation Consultant Association.  It meets quarterly,
provides continuing education at each meeting, sends a bi-monthly newsletter to its members, and hosts an annual continuing
education conference in the Louisville area.  KLIC  is centered in the central Kentucky and southern Indiana area.  For more
information contact or visit
Northern Kentucky Breastfeeding Coalition

The Northern Kentucky Breastfeeding Coalition works closely with the Northern Kentucky Partnership for a Fit Kentucky.  They host an
annual "nurse in" during World Breastfeeding Week and hosted their first continuing education conference in 2012.  Meetings are held
in the Covington area.  For more information contact Nancy Merk at
Western Kentucky Breastfeeding Coalition

The Western Kentucky Breastfeeding Coalition serves the western region of the state.  They host quarterly meetings on a rotating
basis around western Kentucky.  For nearly a decade they have been providing quality professional education through their annual
conference which is also rotated between Bowling Green, Paducah, and Owensboro.  For more information contact Johnna Black at
Lactation Improvement Network of Kentucky (LINK)

LINK is a statewide network of breastfeeding advocates.  LINK is in process of building its membership and planning how to promote,
support, and protect breastfeeding across Kentucky.  LINK can be found on Facebook.  For more information contact LINK at: